Bespoke Products

Alplas manufactures POS display products but also other injection moulded products for all industries. With a reputation for new product development, innovation and design, product problems are presented to us all the time and if it can be done, we will find the product solution for you.

Please call Alplas with your particular product requirement on 01702 541000 or email

Product development includes work on alternative polymers such as Polylactic Acid (PLA) and high strength glass filled nylon for Metal Replacement.

PLA polymers are the new frontier of plastics and are manufactured from natural plant material. Not only does this avoid the use of oil, a depleting world resource but enables a sustainable approach to producing products which will then bio-compost into carbon dioxide, water & bio mass, leaving no toxic residue. Such products are classified as 'renewable carbon'. As businesses seek to reduce their carbon footprint PLA will play an increasingly important role.


Metal Replacement is a new technology that has emerged over recent years. This has been particularly evident in the aerospace industry and Formula One racing where metal parts have been engineered in plastic, particularly to reduce weight or better manage weight distribution. This technology is now available to the Point of Sale and other industries and Alplas is at the forefront of product testing and development to bring forward the benefits of Metal Replacement.