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Monster Magpole
Monster MagpoleProduct No.

Monster Magpole

Product No.CC-MP18023

Monster Magpole Monster MagpoleMonster MagpoleMonster Magpole
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The Magpole comprises of 6 sections and a 5 push button telescopic extension pole with a fiberglass handle and the end tip has the standard Acme thread to fit into the Magmovers.

With the Magmover attached, the extended 5 Button Pole makes it easy to fit and remove ClikMagnets to and from ceiling heights not normally reached while standing on the floor.

  • Closes to 2.04m and opens to 7m
  • Using the reach of the body the fully extended pole can meet the metal on ceilings with a height of 8.23m
  • Hold the pole in a vertical position with the base resting on the floor

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