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One Button MagPole
One Button MagPoleProduct No.

One Button MagPole

Product No.CC-MP11702

One Button MagPole One Button MagPoleOne Button MagPoleOne Button MagPole
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One Button magpole has a 1 push button telescopic extension pole with a fiberglass handle and the end tip has the standard Acme thread to fit into the Magmovers. With the Magmover attached, the extended One Button Pole makes it easy to attach and remove ClikMagnets to and from ceiling heights not normally reached while standing on the floor

  • Closes to 1.4m and opens to 2.4m
  • Using the reach of the body the fully extended pole can meet the metal on ceilings with a height of 3.9m
  • Hold the One Button Pole in a vertical position with the base resting on the floor

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