Exhibition Display Guide

EXPLORE YOUR ENVIRONMENT sign holders for exhibitions

A welcoming and informative exhibition display or trade show display will attract visitors to your stand by creating a great first impression, and encourage face-to-face communication with your salespeople and company representatives.

Browse some of our specially hand-selected display products for your exhibition stand or trade show booth below, to make sure you stand out at the next event.

Cable Kits

A cable display system allows you to mount or suspend your posters and signs to passers by.

Hanging Display

Hang your exhibition display signs to promote your booth to trade show visitors.

Wall Mounted Sign Holders

Mount your signs to your exhibition display panels, to brand your space and prominently display your messages.

Leaflet Holders

Floor standing leaflet holders allow your potential customers to pick up leaflets, brochures and informational literature to take with them.

Exhibitions & Trade Shows

When designing your exhibition display, it is essential to brand your available space to reflect your business and make yourselves instantly recognisable. A good promotional exhibition display will catch the eye of potential customers within seconds, and good strategically placed signage helps this to happen.

For businesses that frequently exhibit at trade shows and conferences, portable, durable and easily set-up promotional displays and signage is a must. And to be remembered for all the right reasons, you'll want to trust in high quality exhibition display, avoiding those embarassing let-downs from inferior products. Alplas products can give you that confidence.

Placing leaflets, brochures and business cards in a prominent area, either on your table or as a floor standing literature dispenser for busy visitors to pick up as they pass, will ensure that your business won’t be forgotten when they leave the event. With so much to see, not all visitors have the time to stop for a conversation but making it easy for them to quickly take with them the information they need will allow them the opportunity to get in touch at a later more convenient time so that you don’t miss out on any potential business.

Clear display spheres can hold anything you like. From free sweets to free stickers, everybody loves collecting freebies at events. Unique exhibition giveaways can encourage footfall to your stand, giving you opportunity to initiate face-to-face communication with potential customers or clients who may otherwise have passed you. Branding these items is also an excellent opportunity to remind your visitors once they have already left the show.

Exhibitions, trade shows and conferences are a valuable opportunity to conduct market research. With the help of our suggestion boxes, you can collect feedback, surveys, competition entries or even just business cards for “take a card, leave a card” systems.

Use your signage to display your one-off special promotions to create a sense of urgency and highlight any exclusive deals you may have available on the day.