CLIK-CLIK Hanging System

clik-clik ceiling poster hanging magnets

Magnetic Clik-Clik Hanging Systems for Ceiling Posters

Our unique Clik-Clik hanging system uses powerful neodymium magnets and extension poles to suspend your in-store promotional signage, directional signage or seasonal in-store decor.

It eliminates the danger of climbing ladders or investing in expensive machinery to hang your in-store promotional signage, directional signage or in-store décor


The Clik-Clik poster hanging range includes the following ceiling display accessories:



Clik-Clik ClikMagnets (mini, regular, super, round and flathat)

These are used to display signage on T-bars of suspended and industrial ceilings. They come in white or silver and can hold up to 9kg,


Clik-Clik LoopLine

LoopLine (light, superlight and flushmount clips)

This patented white or clear cord connects display items to ClikMagnets and allows for quick display changes. You can use them more than once since the line is reusable and it comes in continuous 50mm repeating loops, perfect for hanging level displays. The maximum holding weight it 11kg and the cord can easily be cut to length using scissors.


Clik-Clik MagMovers

Magmovers (single, dual, multi and sliding)

Our patented Magmove design is lightweight and can hold anything from ceiling signs to soft, flexible materials.


Clik-Clik MagPoles

Magpoles (one button, regular and monster)

This push-button telescopic extension pole has a fibreglass handle and makes attaching/removing ClikMagnets simple, even when the ceiling is over 8 meters high.


The Clik-Clik hanging magnets provide a safe, easy-to-use solution that helps you quickly set up in-store hanging displays


There are many risks involved when putting up a suspended display and this can lead to many thinking twice about even using this form of display. With the Clik-Clik range, you can easily use and move ClikMagnets around at ceiling heights not normally reached while standing on the floor. For stability, simply hold the pole in a vertical position with the base resting on the floor.

If you would like to find out more about our simple Clik-Clik magnet ceiling hanging system, please get in touch with the expert team here at Alplas by contacting us online or calling 01702 668 447.