Museum Display Guide

EXPLORE YOUR ENVIRONMENT sign holders for museums

Effective museum signage can provide visitors with clear information and directions, without drawing focus away from the main attractions, and can aid in creating both engaging and informative exhibits.

Browse some of our specially hand-selected museum display products below, to optimise your museum experience and enjoyment.


Our alu-snap (aluminium snap) product range helps to snap your signs and posters securely into place, and are available in a wide range of sizes.

Small Sign Holders

Whether you want to include small information cards on counter tops or within display cases of an exhibit, or provide visitors with pricing information in your museum shop, our small sign holders are the perfect tool for prominently displaying such information beneath both products and small museum artefacts.

Menu Holders

Menu sign holders can be used in any number of different locations around your museum - from inside exhibit display cases to the museum shop or restaurant.


Floor standing sign holders can be placed around the museum as wayfinding signage or to communicate exhibit information or notices. Whilst floor standing literature dispensers allow museum visitors to pick up museum guides, maps and booklets from the entrance or shop to enhance their visit.

Museum Display Signage

Ensuring that the museum is easily navigable contributes to a pleasant museum experience, where visitors can browse through each exhibit without getting lost or missing out on anything. Placing wayfinding signage along different routes of the museum will prevent visitors from becoming confused or frustrated as to where they are and where they are going next.

Our wide range of museum display accessories can be used everywhere from entrance to exit and include floor standing, ceiling hanging, wall mounted and freestanding products. We have sign holders available in varying sizes and styles, that are perfect for displaying alongside artefacts within display cases. Our alu-snap display frames can be wall mounted and offer easy and rapid sign changing, or opt for hanging sign holders to suspend your signage from above.

Beyond exhibitions, signage within your museum amenities (such as restrooms, restaurants and gift shops) also play a part in inspired museum design. Customers are more likely to purchase souvenirs from the museum gift shop if the price is clearly labelled on the shelf edge display or product itself. Similarly, customer-friendly signage in the restroom, café or restaurant can do more than just inform; they can make customers feel welcomed and relaxed.