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Metal Replacement Hooks at Alplas

Metal replacement has long been a focus of the plastic material’s industry. Emerging over recent years as a new technology it is now also available to the Point of Sale industry – of which Alplas is at the forefront of development and product testing. Plastic materials are fundamentally different from metals both in their inherent short-term properties and in the way they react to the influences of temperature, time, and load. There are several reasons why plastic is more effective to manufacture than metals. Plastic is lighter than steel yet can be as hard as steel when manufactured with glass. Something like a small gear can be made out of a suitable plastic for a fraction of the cost of a metal one. When manufacturing a product from metal some pieces may need to be welded together from five or six parts. With injection moulded plastics this can be acheived in one shot. Plastics can be┬ácolour matched to brand or promotion colour,┬ásaving extra time, effort and cost priming and painting metals. Metals are also prone to corrosion and oxidization whereas plastic does not and changing weather conditions have no impact.

Concentrating our efforts on the benefits of metal replacement to our display products, Alplas can now produce high strength metal replacement hooks which can meet all bespoke display requirements, and are available to order now in many sizes. This new metal replacement hook range have similar strength characteristics to metal, but with all the benefits of plastic. This means colour-coding, short manufacture lead times and low costs.

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