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Alplas hooks a major high street retailer

Alplas has successfully introduced the new Metal Replacement merchandising hook range into a nationwide retailer.

The new Metal Replacement hook range has similar strength characteristics to metal, but with all the benefits of plastic. The high strength and low cost of this product is ideal for a busy high street retailer especially in the run up to the Christmas season.   

The Merchandising hook range at Alplas is extensive and the introduction of new technology only adds to this already very popular product range. Designed and manufactured in-house enables Alplas to acheive short production lead times  

Triform’s Senior Account Manager Nicola Clements who worked with Alplas on this project said:- 

“We chose to work with Alplas on this project because of the unique capabilities that the Metal Replacement range has to offer and also the high level of service that Alplas provided throughout the whole process. We work with many high street retailers and our client was very impressed with the high quality product that Alplas manufactures.”

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