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Alplas advances sustainable FSDU disposal

Alplas is committed to environmental responsibility and the most significant impact any manufacturing company can have on the environment is the products that it places into the market. Alplas produced the first
Bio-Compostable Corr-A-Clip (3513BIO), which is used as a connecting piece in corrugated cardboard Free Standing Display Units (FSDU’s). Now after further intense research and development the product can be bonded to corrugated cardboard using a
bio-compostable adhesive for a completely compostable solution for FSDU disposal.

‘Now we can dispose of our composite FSDU’s without harming the environment!’

What’s more the solution does not compromise strength of the unit and avoids weaker or more complex all-cardboard FSDU constructions.

Please contact Alplas on 01702 541000 and ask to speak to any of our experienced Sales Team about the bio-compostable solution.

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