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‘Back to School’ promotions to boost retail sales

With the recent heatwave taking the country by surprise the Summer holiday season is well and truly underway and the summer sun has helped lift shoppers’ spirits, with retailers reporting strong spending on clothing. And retailers are hoping the return to school in September will continue to boost sales as Back to School promotions hit the high streets and supermarkets.

The major supermarkets are already busy filling their aisles with Back to School promotions and the high street will soon be following their lead, aided by our wide range of POS accessories products to effectively guide customers and highlight their current in-store promotion.Back to school POS in-store

Our Bus Stop Wobblers and Data Hinge Barker are popular shelf edge components, highlighting the promotional message while saving on vital selling space. Hanging signs are an excellent way of encouraging shoppers towards the seasonal aisle and our range of Hanging Display products are packed with the essentials you need to continue your theme overhead:

Jet Set Wires, Double Ended Hooks, Ceiling Tee Clip, Oval Mobile Button, Magnet, Nylon Wire Hanger, C Hook and Cable Kit with Hook.

The all important seasonal aisle can have a real impact on sales so attracting customers and in this case appealing to children as well is key, as we all know the influence our little delights can have on the weekly shopping trip.

As September gets nearer ‘Back to School’ is very big business for retailers so if you would like help creating your in-store promotion or need some advice from our experienced Sales Team on your next in-store promotional project please give us a call on 01702 541000 or email