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Bespoke Manufacturing continues to grow at Alplas

When Cardboard needed a bespoke Point of Sale rivet for their large floor standing units, Manufacturing-UK-Alplas-bespoke-innovative-designthey came to us to design and manufacture their idea.

Cardboard are a creative agency specialising in the POS design, production and implementation and they needed a solution to an in-store assembly problem. The rivet needed to fit varying panel sizes securely and save time in-store when assembling and un-assembling their units.

The design team here at Alplas were quick to find a solution which met all of these requirements and spent time with Cardboard to ensure each stage of the design process was fulfilling their brief. The final design had a 90° lock feature at various points down the shaft and was manufactured in polypropylene which gives it the clarity the customer required.

Cardboard loved the design and agreed to have their own tooling made to produce this unique branded product.


Jason Casey, Business Director for Cardboard, said “We are immensely proud of this product, we believe its such an improvement to what else is available on the market. We saw an opportunity and having approached Alplas for their advice we were convinced by their commitment to the final solution. Assembly time is of huge importance and the quick-lock approach has proven to be a great success out in the field, with our competitors even commenting how easy it is to use”.

If you have a product idea you’d like to discuss, please contact us or ring the Sales Team on 01702 541000. Our extensive knowledge and experience of injection moulding could bring your POS display to life.


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