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The rise of Artisan Britain

Independent retailers and food producers are forever battling against the major supermarkets but perhaps we are in the midst of a revolution here in the UK as specialist delicatessens , farm shops and local markets POP.1 (2)are beginning to fight back.

We, the buying public are fast becoming clever, discerning, savvy shoppers and are not just on the hunt for low prices, but are becoming increasingly aware of shopping more ethically and supporting local businesses. The high street has been the cornerstone of the community for many years and it would seem that the government are keen to help boost our high street by supporting a innovative schemes like ‘The Great British High Street’.

The major supermarkets are also taking note, as their in-store displays are noticeably more in keeping with an independent Artisan style, attempting to create a less formal environment. And by using our POP combos, combined with our Chalkcards and Chalkpens, it’s the perfect way to achieve this look. Our Deli Range also features versatile sign holders that can be updated quickly and easily.

Perhaps our technology filled society is driving us to seek a more artisan way of life and with 8.8 million of us tuning in to the semi-finals of ‘The Great British Bake Off’ last week,  perhaps life is changing at such an alarming rate that the Great British public are yearning for a more peaceful era.


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