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Back to School made simple

Retailers have launched their ‘Back to School’ in-store campaigns in earnest this year – well before our British summertime even began and this is where those vital key selling areas instore come into their own as frantic parents grab their never ending list of ‘Back to School’ stationery and uniform.

Help is at hand for visual merchandisers as we stock all the essential shop and retail display basics to help create eye-catching product displays and store layouts. We hold large stocks of Hanging Display essentials and combined with our wide range of Poster Grippers that you need to help create overhead signs, helping navigate shoppers arCC-A4-portrait-chalkboard-counter-topound the store.

Our Chalkboards and Chalkcards are a great way of injecting a personal touch when creating an instore display, simple pricing or instore messages written by hand on a blackboard is less formal and is a perfect pairing with the current ‘Back to School’ display.

And when the new Autumn stock arrives instore make sure that it is positioned where you need it for maximum effect allowing the customer the right amount of information to encourage that purchase.

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