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Growth and innovation continues at Alplas

We’ve been researching, developing and designing innovative POS Accessory products for decades and since our fledgling days back in the 60’s we’ve been on quite a journey.

So, whilst we reflect back on where we have come from, we also look forward to where we are today – now operating from our recently acquired 40,000 square foot facility in Basildon our dedicated team has grown with us, and it is their enthusiasm and ambition that is at the heart of Alplas. Including a design studio and fully equipped toolmaking workshop, including the latest in CNC technology and 3D printing, pushing the boundaries of POS Accessories design.52150-stud-clip-lierature-dispenser-leaflet-holder-shelf-edge

With an inquisitive spirit to create innovative products our team have created a new versatile clip – the Stud Clip – also known as the Strip Clip (Registered Design No. 5003376) the clip enables the attachment of merchandising strip or injection moulded leaflet dispenser to a shelf edge equipped with a 39mm label holder.

To receive your sample of our latest shelf edge innovation please send your request through our contact form.

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