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Alplas – A place for innovation

Design, Engineering + Manufacture

Design is the backbone of Alplas, it’s the core part of what we do here and guess what… we’ve been doing it for years! Since our fledgling days back in 1965.

Over the years we have introduced a number of core product lines into the industry and thanks to our progressive design work we are the source of many display accessory products that are in circulation today.

Imagine being able to design, make and deliver your very own product idea… ! Well that’s exactly what we can do and there are very few companies within our industry that can.

Our in-house team of designers, engineers and craftsmen have the capability of turning your idea into reality. Our designers and engineers work collaboratively with you, developing your idea through to a finished prototype. A simple sketch can start a conversation…. To request a meeting click here and fill in your details and our design team will be in touch.