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BESPOKE Manufacturing Continues to Thrive at ALPLAS

Award-winning company turns to Alplas for help

Alplas Ltd has again been entrusted to help develop tooling for the award- winning Rega Research Ltd, manufacturers of high-end Audio equipment. Rega’s design team and the highly skilled engineers at Alplas have been working closely together to produce some of the key elements to the newest member of their contemporary turntable range.

And the result…?

The Rega P8 high-end turntable – an advanced design features low mass and low energy transfer, highlighted by its skeletal design – that produces superlative sound quality for the discerning audiophile…as confirmed by HiFi Choice magazine who have just awarded it a 5/5 rating across the board and the coveted ‘Editor’s Choice’  

Precision engineering is required to achieve the high-end finish and superior quality that is associated with Rega’s product range and Rega’s engineers have become familiar faces in Alplas as both teams have worked together on many product development projects.

Ky Gandy, Supplier Co-ordinator at Rega Research said, “It was fantastic to be able to work so closely with a team who really understand the unusual performance requirements for our parts and incorporate this into a tool and part design.”

If you’re looking for quality precision injection moulding manufacturers then look no further. Please contact the team at Alplas who will be only too pleased to discuss your needs and expectation for your next project