Reception Display Guide

EXPLORE YOUR ENVIRONMENT sign holders for receptions

A welcoming and informative reception area will enhance your visitor experience when entering the 'natural hub' of the building.

Your reception area needs to set the right tone for your brand, whilst creating a great first impression for new visitors.

Browse some of our specially hand-selected display products for reception areas, front desks and waiting rooms below.

Floor Standing Sign Holders

A floor standing sign holder for your reception area, front desk or waiting room can provide visitors with easy-to-read messages.

Menu Sign Holders

With different placements available, such as counter-top or wall-mounted, menu sign holders provide simple signage that can be placed virtually anywhere for your visitors to read.

Leaflet Dispensers

Counter-top leaflet dispensers can be placed on your front desk, and are available in tiered models or business card sizes, or you can opt for floor-standing or wall-mounted for providing leaflets and literature elsewhere in your reception area.

Window Sign & Card Holders

Window sign holders aren't just great for inviting in or promoting to the people outside, but can also provide quick and easy signage on other glass surfaces within the building.

The Reception

The reception area of your building is how you greet your clients, customers and employees. If the first impression a visitor has of your company is that of a soulless, underwhelming, or even perhaps confusing office reception then you are missing great communication opportunities.

Good signage can deliver your branding message, as well as information and direction. As reception areas are typically open plan, the ideal signs for your front desk should help to create dedicated spaces for queuing, waiting, and any other activity that may take place in your reception. All whilst maintaining a frictionless reception, where customers can transition from one space to another without feeling disconnected.

If you regularly experience queues for the front desk, you may want to consider a floor standing sign holder, such as “please wait here” or any other message that prompts visitors to queue in a certain area without disrupting the flow of the rest of the room. Floor standing sign holders also provide navigational prompts or display free-standing maps through confusing corridors. Their portability makes them great for temporary signage as and when you need it.

Menu sign holders, on the other hand, can impart a great number of different messages to visitors and guests entering your reception area. Whether they’re navigational cues, an out-of-order message, or a list of prices or services, menu sign holders are popular additions to the reception area. Available in a range of sizes, you can simply print off your promotional or informational messages and slip them into the sign holders. Counter-top sign holders for the front desk can inform your visitors on any company news, the latest promotion, or just a friendly reminder of your opening times.

Waiting area displays are an ideal location for leaflet holders. As your visitors sit back and relax, they will no doubt appreciate any reading material available to pass the time. Not only do literature dispensers provide visitors with some form of literature to distract themselves with whilst waiting to be attended to, but can be a great way to promote your services or provide guests with further information regarding your organisation - that they can read there or take away with them.