University Display Guide

EXPLORE YOUR ENVIRONMENT sign holders for university

Signage is essential for universities and colleges, not only for helping students and visitors find their way around the campus but for presenting your unique brand image to create a great first impression and a welcoming environment.

Browse some of our specially hand-selected display products for universities and colleges below.

Floor Standing Displays

A floor standing sign holder or floor standing literature dispenser can provide students and visitors with university brochures and informational literature, as well as easy-to-read messages that can be positioned around the campus.

Pavement Signs

Pavement signs command attention of passers by, both indoors and outdoors. Whether you need temporary notices such as “out of order” or “cleaning in progress” outside of toilet facilities, or promotional messages in the courtyard.

Counter Top

Your university’s reception area is a hub of information for students, prospective students, and visitors alike. Our countertop leaflet holders can be placed on your front desk, and are available in tiered models or business card sizes. Countertop sign holders can impart important messages.

Wall Mounted

Wall mounted signage and displays are essential around the university campus - directing students and visitors where to go, displaying notices on the walls, or assisting in the distribution of leaflets and literature.

University Signage & Display

College and university signage frequently change throughout the year as different rooms may serve different purposes depending on timetables and different seasonal events taking place. Our sign holders allow for interchangeable messages, so that you can reuse the same display accessories again and again with different messages. Portable sign holders can be repositioned at a moment’s notice for temporary notices, such as “out of order” or “cleaning in progress” signs outside of toilet facilities, classrooms or lecture halls and theatres.

Clear and concise university campus signage can be an essential tool for welcoming prospective students and visitors to your university, and helping them get to where they’re going.

In addition to wayfinding signs and maps, hallways often display messages promoting upcoming events and other student information. Tamperproof notice boards can be installed in corridors and cafeterias to display posters within a lockable case. Poster hangers and aluminium snap frames are also available in sizes up to A0 when you require more eye-catching signage.

Other communal areas and common areas will usually display their own area-specific signs, such as health and safety hazard signs in student kitchen areas and “no food and drink” signs in IT suites and libraries.

Educational institutions of all sizes require a wide range of signage and display solutions. Visit our reception display guide to read some of our expert advice on university reception displays.