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Anti Sweep Clear Swing Price Tag (25x27mm)

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Product description

Clear polypropylene snap-on anti sweep pricing tag with pocket to take 25mm wide x 27mm high price label. Locks onto either 4mm diameter hooks or 6mm diameter (see dropdown above). Provides a great low cost secure solution for high value items in-store while maintaining product availability. Helps deter thefts from sweeping an entire hook of stock. Introducing our innovative Anti-Sweep Clear Pocket Swing Tag, meticulously crafted to safeguard your high-value merchandise and deter theft. This exceptional accessory is uniquely designed to disrupt shoplifting attempts by preventing shoplifters from quickly sweeping merchandise off the hook unnoticed. The swing tag's design requires careful and deliberate maneuvering, ensuring that customers remove merchandise slowly and attentively, making it ideal for protecting valuable items. Key Features:
  1. Anti-Sweep Design: Our swing tag features a revolutionary design that serves as an effective theft deterrent. Shoplifters cannot swiftly remove merchandise from the hook without being seen. To retrieve an item, customers must carefully push the swing tag back with one hand while using the other hand to remove the merchandise slowly.
  2. Secure Ticket Fit: The transparent pocket of the swing tag is expertly sized to snugly hold pricing tickets measuring 25mm in width and 27mm in height. This precise fit ensures that pricing information remains visible and secure.
  3. Durable Clarity: Crafted from top-quality, clear polypropylene material, this swing tag offers exceptional durability while protecting pricing information from daily wear and tear.
  • Effective Theft Deterrent: Help protect your high-value merchandise by making it challenging for shoplifters to quickly remove items unnoticed.
  • Professional Presentation: Maintain a clean and professional display of your valuable products.
  • Price Transparency: Empower customers to identify prices while ensuring that pricing information remains secure.
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamline pricing updates and product rearrangements.
Perfect for High-Value Merchandise: Our Anti-Sweep Clear Pocket Swing Tag is an indispensable asset for stores with valuable merchandise, offering an enhanced theft deterrent. Enhance your visual merchandising and help protect your high-value merchandise with our Anti-Sweep Clear Pocket Swing Tag. Designed to accommodate 25mm x 27mm pricing tickets, it is a powerful tool for deterring theft, improving customer shopping experiences, and assisting the security of your valuable merchandise.
  • Low cost, high quality product manufactured in the UK by Alplas
  • Fully recyclable
  • 25mm wide x 27mm high price label
  • Locks over 4mm, 4.8mm or 6mm diameter wire
  • Available immediately in clear from stock or to very short lead times
  • Patent Pending GB1701822.7
If you are looking for a lockable product to ensure additional security to your merchandise please see our Magnetic Anti-Theft Hook Lock Stop Lock



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