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Mini Magnet with open Ceiling Hook – 16mm diameter

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Clear polycarbonate encased neo magnet with 6mm diameter hook. Support pulls loads up to approx 1.2kg

Elevate your promotional displays with our Mini Magnetic Ceiling Hook, a compact and powerful solution designed to meet your suspension needs. This product offers consistent support for your suspended posters and promotional materials, making our magnets the ideal choice for enhancing your retail or event space.

Key Features: 

  • Compact 16mm Diameter: The Mini Magnetic Ceiling Hook's small footprint ensures a discreet and unobtrusive look while delivering dependable support. It seamlessly blends into your ceiling, allowing your posters and promotional materials to take center stage.
  • Open Ceiling Hook: Open-style ceiling hooks are typically faster, their design allows for a straightforward placement and removal process, reducing the time and effort required for setup.
  • Secure Ceiling Attachment: These hooks firmly and securely attach to metal, suspended metal ceiling frames therefore ensuring that your suspended displays stay in place. No need to worry about unexpected drops or shifts, even in high-traffic areas.
  • Quick and Easy Solution: In a fast-paced retail or event environment, minimizing downtime is crucial. The Mini Magnetic Ceiling Hook ensures that your promotional display, bunting, signage, etc are displayed swiftly, without causing disruptions or delays. This feature is especially valuable during seasonal changes or promotional shifts.
Give your promotional displays the attention and security they deserve with our Mini Magnetic Ceiling Hook. These hooks are designed to make the process of showcasing your posters and materials effortless, ensuring your space exudes style and functionality. Shop now and experience the difference.

The strength of all magnets relies on the fixing point. Heavily painted, greasy, dirty or uneven surfaces will result in decreased hold. If using our magnets in less than ideal conditions we suggest that the actual load applied to magnets is around 1/3rd of the pull weight indicated. Always check the suitability of the magnet for the job required



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