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Nylon line with 15lb (6.8kg) breaking strain supplied on easy to use spools Elevate your retail visual merchandising with our premium Nylon Monofilament line! Designed specifically for display purposes, this high-strength line boasts a 15lb (6.8kg) breaking strain, ensuring reliable support for various visual merchandising setups. Elevate your displays with premium clear Nylon Monofilament line Our easy-to-use spools make handling and setup effortless, perfect for hanging ceiling signage, creating captivating shop window displays, and other creative merchandising ideas. As an essential tool for visual merchandising, our Nylon Monofilament Line provides the durability and strength necessary to showcase your products effectively. The clear nature of our line ensures minimal visibility, allowing your merchandise to take the spotlight. Its transparency creates an illusion of floating products, making your displays more captivating without distracting from your showcased items. Key Features:
  • 15lb (6.8kg) Breaking Strain: Provides strong support for various display applications.
  • Convenient Spools: Simplify setup and adjustments for retail displays.
  • Crystal Clear Transparency: Offers minimal visibility, enhancing the focus on your displayed merchandise.
  • Perfect for Visual Merchandising: Ideal for hanging ceiling signage, shop window displays, and creative retail setups.
Transform your retail space with our Nylon Monofilament line and elevate your visual merchandising game

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