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Lazy Susan – Plastic Revolving Turntable

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Clear styrene revolving turntable with ball bearing mechanism provides 360 degree rotation in both direction. Elevate your point-of-sale (POS) displays to new heights with our Clear Plastic Revolving Turntable (Lazy Susan). Designed to enhance visibility and accessibility, this versatile turntable is the perfect addition to your retail space. Choose from three convenient diameter sizes to suit your specific needs - 110mm, 140mm, and 215mm. Key Features:
  • 360-Degree Rotation: Our turntable offers a full 360-degree rotation, making it effortless for customers to browse products from any angle. Showcase your merchandise with ease and style.
  • Durable Clear Plastic: Crafted from durable, transparent styrene, this lazy susan is both attractive and long-lasting. It complements any retail environment while standing up to everyday use.
  • Three Size Options: Select the ideal size for your POS displays: 110mm for compact spaces, 140mm for moderate displays, or 215mm for larger setups. Customize your presentation to fit your unique requirements.
  • Smooth and Silent Operation: Enjoy smooth and silent rotation, ensuring that your customers' shopping experience remains pleasant and distraction-free.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Allow your customers to explore your products with ease, making it more likely for them to engage and make a purchase.
  • Optimized Space Utilization: Maximize your display space by efficiently utilizing the available area with a rotating turntable.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for showcasing small items, collectibles, cosmetics, jewelry, and more. Suitable for various retail settings, including boutiques, gift shops, and supermarkets.
Usage Scenarios:
  • Cosmetic Displays: Highlight cosmetics and beauty products, making it easy for customers to browse and test.
  • Boutique Accessories: Showcase jewelry, scarves, and accessories elegantly, encouraging impulse purchases.
  • Food Sampling: Create interactive food sampling stations, allowing customers to sample products effortlessly.
  • Collectibles and Miniatures: Display collectibles, miniatures, and small figurines in a captivating way.
  • Electronics and Gadgets: Present small electronics, gadgets, and tech accessories to engage customers.
Upgrade your retail displays with our Clear Plastic Turntable (Lazy Susan). Choose the perfect size to suit your needs and enhance the shopping experience for your customers. Transform your point-of-sale area into an inviting and dynamic retail space.
Product No.  Outer Diameter  Height  Inner Diameter
943C 110mm 15mm 30mm
944C 140mm 15mm 65mm
945C 215mm 15mm 140mm

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